HTL Hotels, a great new place to stay in the heart of the city

Opens May 2014

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  • Oslo
  • Helsinki
  • Copenhagen

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HTL Kungsgatan, Stockholm

You will soon be able to book more than one room at a time.

This is HTL

Great Location

HTL is your home in the city. Close to transportation, and close to the action. This is your base to explore, meet old friends, and make new ones. HTL is the center of the neighborhood, surrounded by the best the town has to offer.

Great Quality

Everything in our rooms is carefully chosen. We've only included the essentials, and only the best. We've designed digital services to make your travel simple and intuitive. We help build relationships between you and the city.

Great Price

At a traditional hotel, you're paying for all those vast banquet halls and conference rooms. At HTL, you only pay for the space you use. We give you a great home in the city, and save you more money to spend during your stay.

Local Everywhere

Since HTL is your home in the city,
we don’t want you to feel like a stranger. Find the hidden gems in town where the locals eat, drink, shop and have fun – and forget that you’re a tourist for the day.

Agnes-Lo Åkerlind

Agnes-Lo Åkerlind is a Swedish TV and radio producer. She grew up in a hippie collective in the northern part of Sweden but is now living on Södermalm in Stockholm. Agnes was the producer behind a popular documentary- series about the Swedish DJ duo Rebecca and Fiona and the successful show Jills veranda.

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Pelle Tamleht

Pelle Tamleht lives in Stockholm and works at one of the biggest lifestyle magazine in Sweden, Nöjesguiden. He is the web director and food editor at Nö

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Sandra Beijer

Sandra Beijer is the author of one of Sweden’s most popular blogs where she writes about Fridays, pasta carbonara and young, handsome men. Outside of blogging, she also works as a freelance writer. Her first novel, “Det handlar om dig,” was recently published and is available at Adlibris

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