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Since HTL is your home in the city,
we don’t want you to feel like a stranger. Find the hidden gems in town where the locals eat, drink, shop and have fun – and forget that you’re a tourist for the day!


Pom and Flora

Cozy café, typical Södermalm style.

Bondegatan 64, 116 29 Stockholm

TID Watches Brand Store

Swing by and get yourself a fab watch!

Torsgatan 59, 11337 Stockholm

Café Pascal

Good coffee, good food, good people!

Norrtullsgatan 4, 113 29 Stockholm

+46 (0)8 31 61 10


Restaurant with a focus on vegetables and clean flavours.

Sankt Eriksgatan 67, 113 32 Stockholm

+46 (0)8 643 42 22


Old industrial areas with one of Europe’s largest graffiti exhibitions.

Snösätra Industrial area, Rågsved


Classic Swedish meatballs!

Karlbergsvägen 14, 113 27 Stockholm

+46 (0)8 527 281 00


Cozy, classic French bistro, where the locals go.

Hantverkargatan 35, 112 21 Stockholm

Petite France

A taste of France in Stockholm.

John Ericssonsgatan 6, 112 22 Stockholm

+46 (0) 8 618 28 00

La Neta

Mexican food to die for. Hot, greasy and cheap!

Östgötagatan 12, 116 25 Stockholm

+46 8 64 04 020

Nosh and Chow

Great cocktails and food from all over the world.

Norrlandsgatan 24, 111 43 Stockholm

+46 8 503 38 960

The Flying Elk

Gastro Pub with focus on pure Swedish tastes.

Mälartorget 15, 111 27 Stockholm

+46 8 20 85 83


Bar & restaurant located in an old custody building.

Hornsgatan 82, 118 21 Stockholm

+46 8 84 59 10


Nightclub, restaurant & bars with a view!

Mosebacke Torg 1–3, 116 46 Stockholm

+46 8 531 99 400

Antikt gammalt & nytt

Vintage jewellery boutique.

Mäster Samuelsgatan 11, 111 44 Stockholm

Brasserie Le Rouge

Restaurant with a feeling of burlesque and 1920′s Paris

Brunnsgränd 2–4, 111 30 Stockholm

+46 8 505 244 30


Second hand clothing at great prices. Great staff!

Timmermansgatan 23 , 11855 Stockholm

+46 8 640 43 23

In the Mood

Two floor of all kinds of stuff.

Renstiernas gata 14, 11628 Stockholm

+46 70 757 18 18


Beautiful view of the city!



Great food at a great price!

Birger Jarlsgatan 36, 114 29 Stockholm

+46 8 611 00 45


Art Exhibition and fantastic nature.

Artipelagstigen 1, 134 40 Värmdö


Bistro, bar and movies!

Hornstulls strand 13, 117 39 Stockholm

+46 (0)8-55 06 02 66


Chesterfield armchairs, drinks and cigars.

Lilla Nygatan 5, 111 28 Stockholm

+46 (0)8-506 400 82

Lilla Ego

Restaurant with a vegetarian focus.

Västmannag 69, 113 26 Stockholm

+ 46 (0)8-27 44 55

Linje Tio

Southern European bar & restaurant

Hornsbruksgatan 24, 11734 Stockholm

+46 (0)8-22 00 21

Birgittas Second Hand

Sibyllegatan 63, 11443 Stockholm

+46 8-665 60 06


Stutterheim is a luxury Swedish raincoat brand. Marketing Director Johan Loman, CEO John Laster and Head of Design Patric Wallertz share some of their favorite and most inspirational spots in Stockholm.

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Soundtrack your brand

The Soundtrack Your Brand – the people behind Spotify Business – are giving their insider tips to Stockholm; Italian coffee, an inspiring greenhouse and a store that you can't leave empty handed.

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TID Watches

TID Watches is a Stockholm based clock brand founded in 2012. The know where to find delicious simple vegetarian food and where to end a perfect night out.

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Beyond Retro

A Second Hand store concept with several stores around Stockholm. Always a wide selection.

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Nosh and Chow

A popular place with great food & cocktails. Especially if you get in to Bernie’s, the VIP bar.

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This old custody building from the 1700's now hosts a hip restaurant and no less than three different bars.

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MacLaren Barbers

Ben Laws is the owner of the MacLaren Barbers at Södermalm. Join him on a hunt for cool clothes in second hand shops and 100% organic fast food.

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Anna Åberg is the person behind the blog Starwoman – one of Sweden’s most visited interior design- and lifestyle blogs. Experience one of Stockholm's most iconic design shops and to an inspiring parts on Södermalm with her!

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Maria Soxbo

Maria Soxbo is a freelance journalist and the person behind the interior design blog Husligheter. Find out where she buys her favourite vintage interior design and where to find the best Dim Sums in Stockholm.

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Affordable Art Fair

Emma is the Fair Director of the Affordable Art Fair in Stockholm. She loves coffee and you might find her hanging out at a daytime party somewhere in town. Her passion for art is a given!

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One of the many amazing thrift shops in town. Great prices, great staff, crazy loads of hip, young and fresh second hand clothing.

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In the Mood

This shop is... well imagine a fancy old barn stuffed with your old aunt’s best bargains and treasures!

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This historical building hosts several different nightclubs, bars and restaurants. You'll find it on one of the beautiful hills at Södermalm.

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Brasserie Le Rouge

This burlesque restaurant offers a romantic setting with red velvet and candles. Imagine Paris in the 20's and you'll get the picture.

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A world famous jazz pub providing live music and happy jazz every day of the week. The ceiling is amazing by the way.

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The shoe store that has it all! Definitely something for the true shoe lover. You'll find it on several locations in town.

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Viewpoint at Södermalm with a wonderful view of the water, Riddarfjärden, and Kungsholmen with the City hall.

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Restaurant / Bar / Nightclub in the city centre. Some of the bigger happenings in town are often held at Berns.

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Fashion designers David and Kim from Swedish d.brand are our friends and neighbours of HTL Kungsgatan. They will give you some of the best cocktail places in town.

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Kalle Josephson

Kalle Josephson is a culture loving DJ, actor who loves people and cities, especially his home town Stockholm! Check out his finest tips for a weekend in Stockholm.

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Popup Sthlm

Daniella Illerbrand and Elin Svartengren are the ladies behind the food concept POPup STHLM. Get ready for some gastronomic inspiration deluxe!

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Hagaparken park

An old royal park where you can check out the Copper Tents, Fjärilshuset and a royal castle. Hagaparken is also a great place for a picinc in the sun.

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Stockholm based agency Observatory was founded by sci-fi loving copywriter Karl Nyberg and art director and camper Oscar Eldin. When they're not working they love to cook, dance, socialize and talk. Follow them through the city!

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Great brunch, lunch and dinner all year round with the archipelago just around the corner.

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Ingela & Vi

Award-winning art studio Ingela & Vi is known world wide within the art of tactile design and consists of Elisabeth M. Marttala and Peter Turkalj. They enjoy bar life and get inspired by the great Stockholm vibe in general.

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Music ID

Alf & Magnus at Music ID know all about combining music, brands and people. Of course they also know a thing or two about Stockholm. Find out where they go to rest and rinse their ears and where to go on a relaxing afternoon run.

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Oscar, Babba, Lina and Hanna are the marketing team of Uber Sweden and the local experts of everything creative, innovative and outstanding in the city. Here's their very own #UberApproved Stockholm city guide.

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Cocobello is a Stockholm based group of creatives within film, photography, event, design, interior design, club, media, fashion and music. Here you'll find some of their greatest food-, shopping- and clubbing tips for a spectacular weekend in Stockholm.

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Petra Tungården

Petra Tungården is the fashion editor at Metro and also one of Sweden’s most popular fashion bloggers. She always has a lot of fun things going on, and she knows exactly how to spend a great summer evening in town

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Kristoffer Triumf

Kristoffer Triumf has one of the biggest podcasts in Sweden. He likes to cruise around Stockholm on his bike and knows all about where you should go for a really good lunch in town.

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Wasima Ayad

Wasima is a DJ and a blogger at Rodeo.net. She loves music, food and shoes, and she will tell you all about where she drops the beat in the city.

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Carl Waldekranz

Carl Waldekranz is a true Internet entrepreneur and founder of the internationally established e-commerce network Tictail. He knows where you’ll get the best pizza in town and where to go for a swim in the summer.

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Nike Felldin

Nike Felldin is a 23-year-old stylist based in Stockholm. She is working for the most influential fashion magazines and brands in Sweden. Nike knows where you can get the falafel of your life in Stockholm.

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Martin Bergström

Martin Bergström is a designer, artist, illustrator, scenographer and simply a creative creature. Find out where Martin gets his inspiration.

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Agnes-Lo Åkerlind

Agnes-Lo Åkerlind is well-known Swedish TV and radio producer based in Stockholm. She likes to grab a coffee at Södermalm and to stroll around Hundöarna (The Dog Islands) with her dog.

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Pelle Tamleht

Pelle Tamleht lives in Stockholm and works as the web director and the food editor at one of the biggest lifestyle magazine in Sweden, Nöjesguiden. He reveals his favorite restaurants and other hidden places in the city.

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Rasmus Wingårdh

Rasmus Wingård is a fashion designer that currently works with his own brand Atelier de Conception. He describes himself as a bar-hopper and he will recommend some of Stockholms best clubs and bars.

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Sandra Beijer

Sandra Beijer is a freelance writer and the author of one of Sweden’s most popular blogs. Sandra will share her best coffee spot, restaurants and where you’ll find her dancing.

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Caliroots Store

The place for picking up a pair of sneakers or a cap. Caliroots focuses on Californian style street wear brands such as Stüssy and Vans.

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Photography museum beautifully located by the water. Don't miss out on the spectacular view!

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NK, or Nordiska Kompaniet is the biggest and oldest department store in Stockholm and a must for shopping.

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A nice place to stroll around in the neighbourhood of the Swedish Royal Family's castle. This is a bit outside of town so prepare for a little trip and to be surrounded by dogs.

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Barbro at Hornstull is a unique combination of bar, bistro and movies. Visit Salong 4, Sweden's first movie bar in the basement to combine good food and culture.

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Grand Escalier

The place to go to for moules frites, steak tartar and fantastic french barbeque and drinks. Or just drop by for a coffee.

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Lilla Ego

A modern restaurant with a great selection of vegetarian food. You'll find this gem in the Vasastan area.

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Moderna Museet

The museum of modern & contemporary art in Stockholm. Enter the exhibitions or just enjoy the cultural vibe in the park outside.

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If you're around Södermalm this is the place to go for a great cup of coffee at a great price.

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A small but cozy Italian restaurant and probably one of the best pasta places in town. This is a must if you're in the mood for Italian.

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Rodebjer is a Swedish fashion brand offering designer clothes for well dressed women in all ages.

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A bar and restaurant that turns into a party in the evening. Located under a bridge at the southern city border.

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Nitty Gritty

A small shopping cluster at Krukmakargatan with several cool stores next to each other. If you're looking for specific designer clothes and accessories it's definitely worth a visit.

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Under Bron

Club Tädgården's evil twin during the winter season. Go here if you want to dance and party all night long.

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Book a Chesterfield armchair and look forward to your most comfortable night out ever.

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